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Open up with OREO
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OREO partners with the sweet voice of Adam Lambert

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In our latest TV advert called “Rolling Wonder” we bring you the message of “Open Up” with OREO which ultimately means remember when we were younger, when we were more open to others and new experiences. Set against the backdrop of a playfully diverse roller rink, the story follows a young girl inspiring those around her to look inside themselves to let a little bit of wonder out and, in turn, let others in. In the advert, an OREO biscuit is the catalyst for the characters to open up to each other.

We needed the perfect sweet voice for our perfectly sweet message and so OREO joined forces with none other than American Idol’s season eight star, Adam Lambert.

Lambert was drawn to the campaign’s “message of acceptance” and jumped to get involved. In an interview with American media outlet Billboard Adam said,” I think it was kind of always my fantasy to record a song for a brand, especially OREO. Their whole Open Up campaign really spoke to me, they’re encouraging people to be more open, look at our similarities – which is part of my own philosophy.”

The basic idea behind our “Open Up with Oreo” campaign is simple yet very powerful: Open up your heart – just like you can do with the OREO cookie – to people who are different than you and you’ll soon discover the similarities. The message is told beautifully in Lambert’s cooling voice in our new advert.

Want to hear more about our campaign? Click here.

Have you seen our ad yet? If not click here to check it out and listen to the great vocals of our catchy song (lyrics below).

I wonder if we could
Remember how good
It felt to wonder
When we were younger
Everybody let’s go
OREO, OREO-pen up your wonder
Show, let it show
Don’t let no one keep it under
You and me weren’t born to see
This world with our hearts closed
Let’s live and wonder if