Open up with OREO
Open up with OREO
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Open Up With OREO – just like we were as kids

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A Campaign About Diversity and Tolerance
As the world’s most loved cookie, we just want to inspire a more open and loving world in return. So we introduce to you, our fans, our latest campaign called “Open Up” as we urge fans to “Open Up” to new people and experiences. Our message to the world is, “Remember what it was like to be a child, before prejudice and intolerance kicked in, when the world was a Wonderfilled place of acceptance and sharing, no matter who you were around.”

Our message is beautifully packaged in our new TV advert which features Adam Lambert’s beautiful vocals, and which hits SA screens on the 7th March. We want to inspire people to open their hearts to those who are different and discover the similarities.

You might remember our last campaign called “Play With Oreo” where we brought you our Pop Up Café in Johannesburg to inspire the releasing of your playful nature? In the same light, we remain focused on bringing out the child in all of us. As children we were naturally open to the world and its differences, and only as we got older did we close ourselves off.
So join us on this journey if you dare, Open Up to the world and its diverse people and who knows, you just might realise, we are not that different after all.